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KaraokeMedia Home PC 3.6

Full player all in one, audio and video, specially dedicated to karaoke
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Full player all in one, audio and video, specially dedicated to karaoke.
-Plays all video and audio formats such as: MPG1, MPG2, MPG4, AVI, Divx, Vob, Cdg, Mp3+g, WMV, WMA, WMA+G, MP3, ASF, Midi, Ogg, MOV, MP4, Aac, SWF, FLV.
The new format also reproduces KARAOKE KM3
It has all the important functions karaoke:
-KEY CHANGE -5/0/+5. To adapt the music to your voice.
-MULTIPLEX Void voice in the karaoke tracks with voice track.
-RECORD YOUR SONGS IN AUDIO. Edit and prepare your recordings with your voice.
-RECORD YOUR SONG IN VIDEO. With your image and your webcam
-SHARE YOUR VIDEOS. Upload your recordings to the Internet directly.
-COMPLETE SONG LIST , By artist, by title,number,style, format, and export to PDF, Word, excel, html, bmp, jpg etc.

-KARAOKEMEDIA STORE: Buy your songs karaoke in KM3 format, Playbacks or Wmw with a single click, and you'll be singing it in 5 seconds. Is similar to itunes but in karaoke.

-PLAYLIST, choose your songs, take the microphone and sing along during all day.
-FAVORITE SONGS, A selection of your favorite songs for easy access.
-SOUND EFFECTS: Applause, booing, laughing. You can also customize your own sound effects and make them sound at any time.
-COMPLETE INFORMATION: All information to the song, Author, Year, Album, Gender, Lyrics, Label, Difficulty, Popularity, Time, Quality, choirs, so do not miss a detail.
-COMPLETE STATS: In your songs most sung and much more.
- Fully translated to Spanish and English.
- Includes several free songs in km3 format.

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